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wHYOHwhy Over the years it has become excruciatingly evident that as Finns, we are expected to possess any and all information on every imaginable Finnish hard rock and metal band. It is quite tiresome to answer people's questions on bands who you're supposed to be interested in and informed on just because they happen to be your fellow countrymen, so it makes more sense to write it down ONCE and tell these parties with inquiring minds to point their browsers in this direction.

The Internet is the appropriate storage space for this stuff - nobody in their minds would actually pay for this information.

This website is not trying to be an encyclopedia with detailed biographies and what not. It is more like a starting point where music fans, record collectors and all the other interested parties can start familiarizing themselves with the childhood years of Finnish hard rock and heavy metal.

The pieces of writing that are enclosed with the discographies are just the kind of scribbles we might have written in a letter to someone asking information on the band in question so please don't mistake them for something they are not.

This is not an attempt to boost the Finnish metal scene either. We fully acknowledge that metal bands from countries like Poland, the Czech Republic or France for instance are vastly superior to their Finnish counterparts in both quantity and quality, volume and importance.

This is not to say that Finnish metal wasn't absolutely stupendous at its best, however. For a crash course, we'd warmly recommend the following dirty dozen of tracks:

· Sarcofagus Black Contract
· Moottorilinnut Metallinen sateenkaari
· OZ Turn the Cross Upside Down
· Tarot Wings of Darkness
· Zero Nine Bangin' on Drums
· Peer Günt Backseat
· O.S.S.Y Helsinki
· Stone Overtake
· Xysma On the Hill of Desecration
· Impaled Nazarene In the Name of Satan
· Sentenced My Sky Is Darker Than Thine
· Unholy After God

MANYOURULE! The more comprehensive and error free this site is, the better it'll be for everyone and therefore we encourage you to email either janne at isten dot net, or use this form if you spot mistakes or have any info we are still missing.

The discographies are most certainly deficient when it comes to pressings that have been released under license in Asia or America. And a few bands are certainly completely missing for one reason or another.

Everyone who provides us with corrections or info we are missing will be mentioned on the thanks list below but that is really all we can offer you. Therefore we won't mind if you choose to hold back your information - we are sure there are plenty of people who will be so full of admiration for anyone who can prove themselves to be wiser than the Internet like you genius you.

The good souls at have put together an extensive list of links to the websites of Finnish hard rock and metal bands. Go check it out.


METAlfinniSh ..................METALDEFINED TIME: Included are all the Finnish bands that have released a record of their own or have appeared on a compilation album that has been released in 1999 or earlier. Also all the re-releases that have come out in 1999 or earlier are included. All the releases and re-releases that are released in 2000 or later are excluded!

This means that not all the discographies are complete from today's point of view.

FORMAT: As records we consider vinyls of all size as well as professionally copied CD's. Home burned CD-R's as well as cassette releases are excluded. Of compilation albums we have included only the ones that contain previously unreleased material by the band.

STYLE: For us hard rock and heavy metal include everything from poser stuff a la Poison to grim black metal a la Blasphemy. Over the decades various other music styles have crossed metal in a way or another and in these cases it is always difficult to draw the line. We have decided to exclude all the bands that clearly fit better to another genre (hardcore, gothic rock, progressive rock or whatever) as well as bands we presume would not like to be associated with heavy metal although their music might be harder and rawer than that of some hard rock bands with make-up.

In addition we have ruthlessly excluded all the dark wave and chamber music ensembles that for one reason or another are making their career in the metal scene.

Feel free to tell us if you think we are missing some band that in your opinion should be included. It's downright possible we have accidentally forgotten the band from the list and not ruled them out on purpose.

And there are a few bands with only private releases out we haven't heard and therefore we have chosen not to include them on the list until we get verification on their music style.

Discographies gathered up by Janne Sarna, scribbles by Janne Sarna and Mikko Mattila.
HTML search and destroy by Metal God Keinonen © Isten 2001 ->.

Thanks and Hello to the following individuals for corrections, additions or other kind of help [in alphabetical order]:
Antti Lindell, Arto Lehtinen, Atro Tossavainen, Brent Grate, DaN Edman, Dominique Poulain, Harri Rehula, Henry Juvonen, Jani Koskela, Jani Lehtosaari, Jarkko Kuivanen, Jarno Koskinen, Joakim Westerlund, Juha Lehtonen, Juha Vainikainen, Jukka Junttila, Jukka Kolehmainen, Jussi Helenius, Kari Räisälä, Klaus Flaming, Late [Horna], Lou Posadas, Miika Kuusinen, Mika Penttinen, Mikko Kuronen, Rainer Krugenberg, Sami Harju, Silvia Moresi, Theby [Drowned], Tommi Keränen, Vesa Ruokangas, basist of Splektura.

Last but not least one written source has been used to check some record codes on vinyls:
Suomalaisten vinyylilevyjen hintaopas by Timo Rauhaniemi & Mika Tamminen (Multiprint, Tampere 2000) - thanks to both authors.

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